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You may find the following links useful in helping your child(ren) prepare to make and receive their

First Confession and First Holy Communion

Children Learn to Pray at

You may find this link useful for yourselves:)

it has a virtual retreat to help you find space apart from your daily life

St Michael the Archangel Virtual Retreat House at

Their main webpage is at

The links are from a website run by priests of the Passionists Congregation.

St. Paul of the Cross wrote the rules of the Congregation in December 1720;
and in 1725, Pope Benedict XIII granted Paul the permission to form his congregation.
Paul and his brother, John Baptist, were ordained by the pope on the same occasion.
In 1769 Clement XIV granted full rights to the Passionists as enjoyed by the other religious orders,
except that he did not make them a full order but a congregation.
The congregation historically has had two primary goals: missionary work and contemplative life,
with an attempt to blend the two. Its founder had attempted to combine aspects of the reflective orders,
such as the Trappist monks, together with the dynamic orders, such as the Jesuits.
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Eucharistic Miracles around the worldat


This exhibition of the many miracles from around the world relating to the Sacred Host,
was shown in Portsmouth Cathedral on 2nd October this year

The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church