To make a Nativity scene check out out these templates from the BBC
See the finger puppets here

and the overview here

For parents:
This series from the BBC started off well but fails to put across the true story of the Nativity.
For example, Mary's unwavering YES! to becoming the bearer of Our Lord Jesus Christ
in her womb. Where were the words of The Angelus?
It is, of course, important to be aware of what children in general are seeing on television,
so we can discuss it with our own children and get the facts straight.
Episode3 certainly does not portray St Joseph as the kind and faithful husband
and father figure we love in the Catholic Church. Nor is St Ann (Mary's mother) - who's daughter Mary
was conceived without any sin on her soul, unlike all the rest of us humans - depicted as a woman of Faith and trust in God.
Episode 4 while very powerful, might be a little too realistic for young children.
(Thursday, 23rd December 2010)
For those old enough certainly, Episode 4 beautifully portrayed the fact that the birth of Jesus was the most important
birth of all time.

A more appropriate version of the Nativity might be
more attractive anyhow to First Holy Communicants,
and give them endless ideas about creating a video themselves:)
- see the play above made by children in New Zealand - found at Catholic and Loving It

You can download Episode 1 of 4 videos today
(Monday 20th December 2010)
from the BBC here
of the Nativity - a beautiful adaptation
of the Story of Mary and Joseph's betrothal,
and the prophecies about The Saviour

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Four part drama retelling the classic biblical tale.
In Nazareth, Mary counts her blessings when
her parents arrange to marry her
to a local carpenter, Joseph.

more info

Episode 2 here
(Tuesday, 21st December 2010)

Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel,
and she learns she will bear the son of God.
Deeply troubled, and unable to tell Joseph of her dream,
she travels to see her cousin Elisabeth,
who is also mysteriously with child.
Thomas the shepherd begs for more time to pay his taxes,
but instead he has to watch as his animals are slaughtered before his eyes.
Frustrated by the Magi Council's reluctance
to investigate the celestial conjunction,
Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar resolve to set out on their own.
They head west, towards Judaea.

Episode 4 while very powerful
might be a little too realistic for young children and isn't there
the 'small' matter of Mary still being a virgin according to our Faith?
(Thursday, 23rd December 2010)