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This wikispaces site was set up using the *education option

*free, no adverts, safe
Can be made private – i.e. for use only by the catechists, parents and children on the First Holy Communion programme,
Or can be made available to be seen (but not altered) by anyone on the net

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions you can go to this page and send a message
If you are part of the 2010-2011 First Holy Communion group and would like to become a member of this wikispace
you can make a request to firstholycommunionsouthampton at gmail.com

This site has been put together by one individual catechist

to help everybody involved in the preparation

for First Holy Communion in June 2011

As we only have 7 workshops from November to May

to get ready for one of the most important steps

in the life of a Catholic,

this wiki may help to reassure parents

that their children are well prepared for the

reception of this most Holy Sacrament

by providing information and guidance

to support the programme with

  • prayer

  • age appropriate resources for the children's growth

    in understanding of their Faith

  • an opportunity to liaise easily with other parents

    and the team of catechists

  • provide links to other reliable resources on the web

  • information on Catholic holy places to visit around England