I Belong - each chapter looks at how we see the chapter topic in
i) our everyday lifes
ii) The Old Testament
iii) The New Testament
iv) The Church
v) how the Old and the New Testaments
and the Church can guide and help us in our everyday lives

Chapter 1
In the Name of The Lord

The Sign of the Cross

In the Name of The Father

and of The Son

and of The Holy Spirit


slide the ball along slowly to see this little boy make
the Sign of the Cross
Our names

When we were baptised
the priest gave us the name our
parents chose.

Canon Law 855 states,
"parents, sponsors and parish priests
are to take care that a name is not given
that is foreign to Christian sentiment"

This is why our parents chose the name
of a saint or a good person from
the Old Testament or a Christian virtue
such as Faith, Hope, Charity...
even if they call us by a pet name:D
We can pray to our own saints to
ask God to help us every day
(as well as our guardian angel)

What is your saint's name?

Here is a link to the patron saints
of the World Youth Day
The priest baptises us while our Godparents hold us over the Holywater font

A Baptism closeup image
external image waterrosary.jpg