I Belong - each chapter looks at how we see the chapter topic in
i) our everyday lifes
ii) The Old Testament
iii) The New Testament
iv) The Church
v) how the Old and the New Testaments
and the Church can guide and help us in our everyday lives

Chapter 2 and Chapter 5

Lord have mercy

clip from Allegri's Miserere Mei Deus (Lord have mercy on me)
sung by Kings College Chapel Choir, Cambridge

This music created in the 17th century
by a monk named Allegri
was only supposed to be performed
in the Sistine Chapel
in the Vatican (where The Pope lives),
but when he was only about 12 years old
the amazing composer, Mozart,
heard it on a Wednesday visit to the Sistine Chapel
and wrote down the music from memory!
Instead of telling him off for breaking the rules,
the Pope gave him an award for being such a genius:)

Glory to God
From the Old Testament:
Moses sees the burning bush in the desert. This was not like any other burning bush, but blazed with dazzling light.
Moses heard God speak but didn't dare look into the beauty of God's face

From the New Testament:
The shepherd's saw a host of angels and heard their heavenly singing of the glory of God when Jesus was born