I Belong - each chapter looks at how we see the chapter topic in
i) our everyday lifes
ii) The Old Testament
iii) The New Testament
iv) The Church
v) how the Old and the New Testaments
and the Church can guide and help us in our everyday lives

Chapter 6: This is the Word of the Lord (page 60)

Session in church
Mass explained by Fr Leonard and Mgr. Harvey

We must always show respect and reverence in the church because Jesus is always present in The Tabernacle
in the form of the Host which has been consecrated by the priest at Mass

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Kneeling and genuflecting

We genuflect when we come into and leave the church.
We kneel and bow to say our prayers and at certain parts of the Mass
and when we are passing the altar where the Tabernacle is.
Session in hall
Listening to the Word of the Lord

from the Old Testament - how Samuel listened to and obeyed the Word of God in the temple

from the New Testament - how Jesus IS The Word of God made flesh