I Belong - each chapter looks at how we see the chapter topic in
i) our everyday lifes
ii) The Old Testament
iii) The New Testament
iv) The Church
v) how the Old and the New Testaments
and the Church can guide and help us in our everyday lives

Chapter 3 and 4


Celebrating our rescue
From the Old Testament we learn how God protected Daniel in the Lions' Den, and because of this
the King realised that there really is a God who can rescue us.

The priest wears a special purple scarf around his neck called a Stole when he gives us the
sacrament of Reconciliation (also called Confession).
We confess our sins to the priest, in the place of Jesus, who listens to us.
The priest can never tell any other person what we tell him in confession.

How to Go To Confession:
The priest greets you.
The penitent says: “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”
You then say how long it has been since your last Confession
(except when it's your first:)
The penitent tells the priest his/her sins and answers any questions.
The priest will give you some advice and will assign you a penance.
The penitent will next pray the Act of Contrition.
The priest then gives absolution.
The priest will then say and bid you go in the peace of the Lord.
The penitent says: “Thank you Father.”

This picture of a priest hearing a girl's confession is from
St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Miami


and this one of a priest hearing a boy's confession is from The Dominican Preachers pilgrimage to Lourdes 2009


We can also go into a Confession Box if we want to be completely anonymous
when we confess our sins - the priest is at the other side of this grille where this girl is kneeling in a Polish church:


This is a priest hearing Confessions in a church in Bejing, China in 2009
God helps me get it right
From the New Testament

Nobody liked Zacchaeus. Everyone thought Jesus would not want to have anything to do with him
because he had been greedy and vain. But Jesus saw that Zacchaeus really wanted to understand Him,
so He asked him to bring Him to his own house.

When we open our hearts to Jesus in confession, it doesn't matter how bad we have been,
we are forgiven if we are truly sorry and promise to do penance and try to be good again.

When we have told the priest our sins and we show that we are truly sorry for them,
he tells us what prayers to say to ask for Gods' help, he give us a penance to do,
he listens to us say the Act of Contrition.
Then the priest forgives us, in the place of Jesus.
This is called Absolution - noone else can do this except a priest
(bishops and the Pope are also priests)
external image pope+conf.jpg
and then he blesses us and tells us to go and try not to sin again.